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|Episode Name = There's Something About Camelia |Image = Dancing Canines |File = Squirt,Cookie, and Strudel acting nutty |Season 2 |Airdate = June 30 2012 |Previous = Barlow |Next = Good Dog Mcleish! |Written By = Jos Humphrey

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This episode starts with Strudel walking up to the FKD then Lucky asks that she has the big news then she gets extremly excited then Niblet is talking about the kibble delivery it goes right towards his tummy then Squirt says it's goes into his mouth then he think it's amazing then she introducing a light gold puppy named Poopsy then the Pound Puppies (even Cookie) said Hi Poopsy! then Strudel says for her to find her perfect owner. Then the FKD found a Benji Seaders that she was a little messy like her then he was Poopsy's favorite owner then the skills of a human then a machine talks then she turns the volume down then the dogs awe into action then she asks him what next is for her to meet Benji then she gets excited then cut to the dogs running then a blue minivan with Benji with Mrs Seaders,Simon, and Kailey who is wearing a firefighter's hat and coat then he asks her if he can have a puppy then she sprayed a bush next to a overweight dog and a unamed daschund then they looked at each other then she sprays another bush and goes around Mcleish then he said little girl then Mrs. Seaders ruffled her hair thank her saving the comutity then he picks her up then she licked her then Mcleish told them to leave then he tells him that they're going to build a doghouse for her then they leave then he called them troublemakers then Ketchem arrives then Olaf runs out and he snatches his chicken leg and shoves a mutt named Camelia then he puts him in a kennel then she introduces them then Niblet babysits her then he said this is the giant kennel then he introduces the napping spot while he uses to lay down for a nap then Camilia likes to take naps then she was exact same as him then he askes her to see then special secret was a box of tacos it was found in the dump then he and Niblet started to eat then Cookie spotted them. then she said This is no time for foul food fiesta. Then cut to the headquarters with Cookie and Camilia walking then there were a basset hound sleeping he was woken by Camilia then she think she was tough then door dog appears there's something wrong here things got spicy then Squirt took Camilia then she repeated his lines Bada- Bing, Bada- Boom then he forgets it then cut to outside of the kennel then a little girl thinks he is cute and rolls his belly then she runs to her mom then he was perfect for a little girl then he gaves him a dog tag then a old cowboy think he is so cute. Then he does the dance then the dogs were imbarrasted then he does the dance then the little girl and the cowboy started bickering about Camilia does not understand which one is your perfect person then Strudel appears again that the FKD has a problem that Camilia has to many persons to choose from then they do have a problem then the humans appear with a puppy bickering. Then a kennel of too many people wanting Camilia then lucky has a problem for Camilia's owner then they need her to get an attention then she asks them Go Dogs Go! then she starts to whine then they awe at her then the man told her about whine like him then Lucky was good to go then he pops out fake dogs then he goes down underground then they went back of the kennel then they leave him here then he goes. Then he fights the people to stay away from his office then Olaf a trudged and his clothing got wrecked then a construction worker wants Camilia because she coughs like him then the old lady appears with Camilia's hair like her and attacks a contruction worker then he went inside and Olaf hyperative and Kailey appears again and imitates a fire truck's siren again and horn honking then he tolds her to get out of his office then Simon still wants his puppy then his family leaves. Then he calls her a Fire Engine Girl. then he gets an idea and tells him to call the fire the fire department then cut to a firefigher on the megaphone then he snatches the megaphone then cut to the kennel Lucky talks to her and thinks Camilia's persons are nice but they are magical then he doesn't know her person is witch then Squirt comes in with a tool and the FKD is solved then he found a taco man then it was Cookie's plan for Camelia then a taco man ran to the dogs then he explains to the man who really is Camelia's owner then Niblet found a person for Camilia and that perfect with a taco costume. Then she bites the taco costume then she pulls harder and harder then let go then she looked cute she thinks he is a giant taco that he loves tacos so much a man is looking for Camilia that she was running in the garage then she walk up to him and rolls in the soot and becomes dirty then he looks thoughtful and thinks Camelia is so cute then they start bickering then then a police officer comes in then Cookie thinks he is a pig then she asks the taco man if she likes to takes Camelia then she thinks she is barking his head off then she look adorable then she looks at her with the brave face on then she talks on a walkie talkie then they started quarreling then she looks upset then Cookie and Lucky looked deluded. Then cut Mcleish in his office finishing the Humpty Dumpty puzzle trying to fit the puzzle but it won't fit then Olaf found TV news out front then Mcleish rushes outside while Olaf finishes the puzzle the correct way then cut to the TV news outside then news at Shelter 17 that there was Camelia to get adopted with Puppy Fevered people then Mcleish runs to a woman and snatches a microphone as he said his name it out loud then she snatches away from him then cut to the people fighting and Lucky does not understand why who is Camelia's person but Squirt doesn't know who is Camelia's person then she walks away then he was blocking his way and asking him why is she going but she caused a little bit trouble about too many persons that she is going to find a place to hide from the Pound Puppies and never see them again. Then Lucky told him that she had herself but she didn't have one but the dogs were here to help her and find a owner is to find out Camelia who really is. But she can't tell who really is and gets brokenhearted and nobody will like her then she really liked is the taco man but he is not afraid who really is or somebody think a man in a taco costume is different. But there is some people coming out he promises her but she did not promise she cannot be herself they will hate her but this was terrible runs off brokenhearted then she realizes Mcleish was here picked her up and went to the TV news holding Camelia in his arms then he spots that she was in danger then she was on TV she ends up who's best then the crowd cheers for him then he does an evil laugh and Camelia is still upset and held. Then cut to the pound people waiting for Camelia to get adopted while the woman got recorded interviews with her then she was trapped the cage then a little girl talking to her personality and Camelia is very nice so she can play with so she asks her does she had a connection but she doesn't then she started crying then cut to Strudel with binoculars seeing Mcleish then the dogs hatched a plan for Camelia before she gets send the wrong one with people watching here so they need for the people to leave then cut to Mcleish pushing Mrs. Perdi out of the door then she leaves then he met Mr. Foster the State sanitor then she shake hands together then Cookie started barking but Mr. Nutnut turns on the music then they dance instead then she explained Dancing Doggies then he tapes them then Lucky and Niblet hopped out of the rock then she spotted him then he was trying to find him escape and help her out but he was giving her away then Lucky needs too find the who is the real Camelia but she doesn't like who really is but then she tells the truth. Cut back to Cookie,Squirt, and Strudel dancing then they stopped and went back to the pound then he told the camera man to put the camera on him and talked about dog stories acomplished. Cut back to Camilia telling the truth to Lucky who is really is then she still thinking that the Pound Puppies never liked her still upset then he calms Camilia down that she is fine by now he liked independance so she asks him is there a human waiting for her to get adopted (but they were too many to be her owner). Then Niblet says that Mcleish is coming back in his office then he tolds him to pull Lucky up then and tolds her not to worry to find her person then he goes up she is not brokenhearted anymore. Then Mcleish opens a door with Mr. Foster and talked about himself for a beautiful puppy and his future. Then Lucky popped out of the dog bowl so Cookie tells them what happened Camilia had finally opened up to him it was excellent for them but things might freak out and a human who really be he tells Strudel to get on the FKD it got the last call of Camelia's unknown owner then Mr. Foster and Mcleish head out to the door and he made his decision. Camelia is going home with Mr. Foster then he introduces his perfect puppy means to him Camilia reminds to him so much and calls her a Woof Woof when he was a kid saying doggy energy some doggy looks to him then turns same as Camelia was then he looks at Camilia with Mr. Foster but she liked to talk but instead she meows and turn into a kitten. Then everybody was shocked and the Pound Puppies are not amused. Then cut to Camelia purring Mr. Foster that he was nothing like his dog then she purrs him again and licks her paw Cookie explains what is wrong with her is nothing happens to Camelia but she is a kitten but he has no idea who is going to adopt her with a cat form. Then Kaylee started the siren again then her family returns to the pound then she started to go around her brothers and her mother then he stopped and spots Camelia she looks at her and calls her Kitty Cat Dog but she is a fire girl so she runs to her then she hugs her and keeps her as a pet and her brother scolds her about getting Camelia but she is not goofy and a firefighter went to Kailey and she says yes mam but she used to be a firefighter just like her she'll be a fire cheif just like her then she trade hats she told her to keep up the good work but she really likes her puppy so much just like her but she really acts like a cat but she thinks she is neat she is really who she is no matter what. And there is nothing wrong with Camelia so she can have her so she is going with Mr. Foster so he tolds her to leave but the people started booing at him then she was her's then she got it on the camera then he gives it to a little girl then the people leaves Shelter 17 then he acts like a dog then she likes her so much then the dogs looked at her and having a convirsation with too many people and gets the FKD working again. Then she went down to the tunnel then Squirt thinks it's the Automatic FKD but it will be a disaster then hehe said Go Dogs Go! And stop her! then they rush.


Niblet: Im amazing.

FKD: Perfect match found Benji Seaders, boy, age: 12

Poopsy: That's him isn't it that's my perfect person


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Garfield Poopsy and Benji's favorite food is lagsana is similiar to Garfield's favorite food.

Air Bud Poopsy likes sports similiar to Buddy's favorite.


While Benji is holding Poopsy her dog tag is gone and reappears with her eyes appeared.

When Lucky and Camelia are having a talk her dog tag vanishes and reappears again.

When the firefighter was talking to Kalee her ears were back to normal.


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