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No! That was mean!



This episode starts with Agatha taking Rebound to the pet spa and salon to take a bath then she passed her to a lady then she leaves and and takes a bath she put too much bubbles and causing it too make a pile then she blows it then she was wet then she pulls out the drain the she shakes the water then she was puffy then she blowed her puffy fur away and brushed her hair put some bows and she looked groomed on the puts her down on the doggy bed and tooks a drink of water then a woman came with a dog named Fifi then a mean man explain the dog show was a diasaster then he closed the curtains the she hides from him then called a Little Mutt she got scared and she explained that was mean then he walked where the ladies grooming 2 puppies and a unamed Scottish Terrier turned back into nice then she backed up and hit a table and knocks it over and has blue paint and her paws then she knocked over the beauty stuff causing her to sneeze then he came here and picked her up and used her special treatment then she has silver shiny squares on her ears and then a voice from a dog named Foo Foo and he explained that happens to a other dog then she talked about her owner left her here but it is not that bad then he laughs that a dog keeping a human down and no one best of dogs from them so he tolds Rebound to think about it howling at the moon,clean up at night and chasing pigeons but she likes to chase pigeons,squirrels and her tail and playing with Agatha but all she does was play with her like does she have a life on her own but she plays a game too and going line dances but she really does have a life on her own but she can have a life better than a dog then she wags her tail softly then he told her about the The Ruff Ruff Bunch (gang) then she knows what is The Ruff Ruff Bunch looks like then he puts a paw over her mouth then there is no gang then he tells the rules like there is no type of gang about doing the dog stuff like he talked about well she was a little intrested clearly she is not in they're gang then she is about to walk away then she stopped then she was complaining then she is not spending time with Agatha then Foo Foo leaves and she was happy then cut to Shelter 17 where Cupcake and Patches were playing with a stick then he caught the stick and plays a tug of war then she started chasing him then she ran with them and Rebound wants to play with them too then she said Hey Rebound and she told her what's something new then she talked about she did for her then Patches thinks it is hard to think then she asks them if they can join in too but they will pass then Lucky and Cookie came in and ask them what going on here then a limo then Mcleish cames in then Cuddlesworth's owner rolled down the window that Cuddlesworth is missing but he saw him while he was fox hunting and other things then he made thoughtful eyes then he was making that up but he was thinking of tracking down that dog then he walked out of the limo but he was a fancy chihuahua but Strudel and Squirt was here and but he needed to find him but he pointed at the kennel that was in the pound all the time then he started crying then he went back in his limo and drived away then she knows that chihuahua who is just like Squirt but he is still handsome then he never left home again then he knows that he is in trouble but he was nowhere. Then cut to Agatha's house where she was meant to work out but she was sleeping and nearly fall off of a ball then she was sneaking out then she went into the alley and splashed a puddle Foo Foo and Fifi were here so Rebound was out of her house and looked at her and he puts his paw on her mouth again then he walked to her if there was a Ruff Ruff Bunch it will see it but there will be challenges to fit in then there were no bows in they're furs so they shaked off and she shaked them off too then she is about to bury the purse in the dirt but The Ruff Ruff Bunch is real the real rule is no dog offs then she is going to bury it then she is going to eat the piece of kibble on the sidewalk but she eats it leaving crumbs and licks it then they looked at each other then she is about to drink water it a garden hose instead of the bowl she drank too much then she is sniffing them and he kicked her and about to roll in the flower bed but she already did rolled it and she was very dirty then she went in the abandon dance room then she came in with the white blindfold then he taked it off to meet Mr. Ruff Ruff but it was revealed a disco ball and a dance floor then it was Cuddlesworth then she knows him when she was in the limo but he was Mr. Ruff Ruff because it is a dog's life and the dogs live then he sang The Ruff Ruff Bunch (song) but he told her to be here at 7:00 sharp but Agatha and her are watching an animal channel but he changes his mind 8:15 then he will see them tommorow night then they leave. Then cut Patches and Cupcake where playing Tug of war with a bigger branch then she was tired then he dropped the stick then they looked at Rebound who is dirty then she told her what happened then she looked at him then she keeps saying um but he thinks she looks awful then they were going to sniff it out then she was sniffing her then he thinks it looks fun then they want too come but she were still her friends then she was goes then they follow Rebound. Then cut to Cuddleworth's mansion were Pickypuss is sad tells Lucky and Squirt too find him then he needed too found out what happened then she started off from the begining where her kitten were snuggling on their pillows and too get some more cat food they were nicer to her and thanked her and called a real pussycat then they looked shocked that she had kittens then she didn't have kittens anymore she was wrong of her he was thinking calling her a Pussycat then Pickypuss was shocked that when he is upset about Cuddlesworth then she started to cry it was all her fault then Lucky promised her. Then cut to the abandon dance room were Cupcake and Patches were dirty then he was telling that the dogs were smaller,danty then Fifi answered a question him but the answer is to howl at the moon (but it is a dosco ball) then they howl then he replied to run very wild then they took a drink of water of a dish then they went out of there and ran over too a man and a woman eating ice cream then they screams and drops it and licks it then Cupcake explained it tasted like Cookies and Cream then they went to the next thing Cuddlesworth brought a scented candle and he giggled then he found candle and smelled like a old woman's headband then Pickypuss smelled it then it smelled from Cuddlesworth then he follows it. Then cut to the train station where The Ruff Ruff Bunch where watching him running to the train then he tolds them they were dogs not cats then Fifi replied that nobody called him a cat then Foo Foo explained that Ho bo dogs then they build the crates into stairs then Patches and Cupcake refuses to go then Rebound rushed in then suddenly a train begins to move then he closes the door then he explains that they were never coming back ever again that makes her upset. Then cut to the train is moving then he explains to Cuddlesworth that were going to a place were dogs run wild then she says too him where is this place is far away from Shelter 17 a place where dogs can be real dogs they can grub in the dirt,rumble the rums, and chasing penguins then he explains it will be lovely and fun then then they said no Foo Foo misses his bed, Fifi missed his sweater Cuddlesworth will think the adventure then Rebound hates penguins she wants run around in circles around her and does all the things for her he was an alpha dog then he howls and scratches and he tolds them too scratches themselves then Rebound never that fleas then she spots the hatch is open then she hops out of the train cart then he scolds her to get down then she is not in his club they hopped out too then they sniffed then Cupcake and Patches ran too them that Rebound is in trouble that was horrible and gone too tiara de degable then she said that poor Chihuahua is in trouble then she had an idea to stop the train with a red truck then Lucky drives the truck then she pressed the lever to go faster then he tolds Strudel not too do that but she needs too find Cuddlesworth. Rebound jumps the train carts then she jumps even faster then he tolds her too go faster then she presses it then she barks at the driver then he bumps his head then Foo Foo and Cuddlesworth were still trapped in a train then he opens the door then he is still driving then the curb will hit the tracks then she needs too find Cuddlesworth then they were angry at him then they never listened too him then he was sad and never to touch Pickypuss's cheeks again then he started crying and heard Pickypuss's voice then Fifi and Foo Foo backed up and saw her then he walks to her then he looks upset then Cupcake and Patches said they got a train to stop (but it was Rebound's plan to stop it) then they needed help too then they tried to push it but it was no use then she complained about the curb then she cannot go faster then she tugged the shorts then she complained about Agatha and she licked him then he wakes up then Rebound was here then she backs up and he fell down again and stopped the train then he walks to Pickypuss then Cupcake thinks it was too sweet then Patches thinks it is so gross then they saw Rebound then Lucky tolded her she did great then she apoligized to them and they do a dog pile then he scratches then he asked her that she got a flea then then they were scared then he had an idea then cut to the pet spa where Cupcake,Fifi,Patches,Foo Foo, and Cuddlesworth are getting a flea bath then Mesour MItch told them to get the works then Rebound told him to get the works then Pickypuss pops out of the baththen she meows at him and he barks at him then a bubble went straight to the camera and turns into pink and pops into black.


Cupcake: Whoa what happened to you?

Cuddlesworth: Oooh! Choo Choo Train!


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SpongeBob SquarePants when Fifi's owner comes in his owner is same design as the one of the snail's owner in Grooming Gary.

Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure This episode is refrences what Madame Pickypuss,Pound Puppies and Rebound and the Ruff Ruff Bunch does in the movie.

Ford When Strudel used to stop the train with that truck is similiar to Ford.


The Ruff Ruff Bunch (transcript)