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|Image = Dogs in the fog |File = The Super Secret Pup Club surrounded in the fog.. |Season 2 |Airdate = July 21 2012 |Previous = The Ruff Ruff Bunch |Next = Squawk |Written By = Merriwether Williams

Ahoy out There!



This episode starts with Rebound,Patches and Cupcake finding puppies that are lost she was scared and they were never get scared on the dock and she said the gang word again then she asked him is there dogs in Austrailia is there another pup and heard it from another pup and another pup and mentioned a magic kangaroo then she asked them if she can go back to Shelter 17 then he walks to the dock where the boat was parked then she asks him if there were the boats parked they walks to it then she asked them if they can go back home then a thudding noise cames in then this is not a puppy then she is still scared they were scared then he scared them they were scared by a dog named Salty (character) then he told him to lower their temper then she asks him if he is not mean and asks them they were The Super Secret Pup Club then Patches is not scared well he got an job then he is not in the namby pamby crew then Patches tolds him they were in. And he greets to Strudel,Squirt,Cookie,Lucky and Niblet then he greets him and he says about something special then he got a problem then he explains the smell of fishy Salty thinks it's incorrect then he said that he was looking for his owner then he tells a story about a person and looks the sea,sings the song and collecting fish with wings then he and Captain Pete had a good time. Salty nearly walks away and spots him it was Captain Pete asking Mcleish he asks him to get to the get away from me street