Puppy Brings Slippers To Mom Maneuver is was a Mentioned Event by Squirt in Catcalls before Squeak scratched Mrs. O'Bann's slippers and puts Wagster outside and tied him on the swing set as a time out after Lucky and Strudel hatched a plan on the window.

Quotes Edit

Squirt: Hey hand off fish face these are ours!

Squeak: Sorry bone breath we need them for the Kitty In The Slippers Routine.

Squirt: Oh yeah but we need them for the Puppy Brings Slippers To Mom Maneuver.

Squeak: Yeah if we can't have them you can't either!

Squirt: Abort mission abort!

Mrs. O'Bann: Aah!

Mr. O'Bann: What is it?

Mrs. O'Bann: My slippers!

Mr. O'Bann: How did that happened?

Mrs. O'Bann: How do you think. And you can stay out here until we figure out what to do with you bad dog bad!

Mr. O'Bann: Oh fine blame it on the dog how do you know it wasn't your kitty?

Mrs. O'Bann: Cats don't eat slippers.