Lily is a orange kitten with a purple collar she was first seen in Kennel Kittens Returns that who meets Fluffy,Ace and Squirt disguised as Twinklebell before the Kennel Kittens was suprised she asks Ace that she gets adopted to a family she hops in the litter box while getting to a new family Ace gives her a cat tag and says the same motto as the Pound Puppies said then she got adopted to a african american family at the end
Excuse me are you the great cat hero that you're telling me about? Thanks for getting to my family Mr. Twinklebell im so excited!
- Meeting Squirt or twinklebell
Im i still gonna get adopted Mr. Ace?
- Asking Ace
It's my dream come true!
- Before leaving Squirt to break out the kennel

Lilly is a type of flower lily is a type of a girl's name and lily is shorten to lilypads.
Lily has the same color as Mittens thier both have masters in the end.
Lilly has a High Pitched voice as Suzy Johnson from Phineas and Ferb.