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Kennel Kittens Return is twentyfourth episode of Season 1


The episode starts with a Welsh Corgi named sid gives Squirt a small box then Ace's eyes appears then Lucky,Cookie,Niblet and the rest of the dogs are having a consvirsation then Strudel arrived at the headquarters with a invention then the dogs are suprised then Niblet thinks it likes him but then she went to the computer and press Mcleish please call me. then something robotic happened tthen the thing gave him a payback then she spins around Lucky's tail very lunatic then she tickled Cookie's belly then she says Get off my belly! then the invention went down. Then she gave it Mr. Nutnut then he fixed it then they went to the alley and the smell bacon gived by Kugel,Squeak,Fluffy and Tiny then the leave the dogs to eat then the cats leave back at the alley the dog fat now they went down the headquarters was trashed like a pigsty then the camera moves to the right when Mr. Nutnut is tied up with a mouse in his mouth then Sparky pulls it out then the invention was gone taken by Ace then cut to Shelter 25 where Lucky kicked the gate.


Strudel: Dogs of Shelter 17 there are no doubts i asked you here so without further or do i present the Fingerabob 6000!

All: Oooooh!

(Then cut to the Pound Puppies overweight and lazy)

Squirt: Boy do that beat.

Niblet: My tummy's solid.

Cookie: Too much maple smoked goodness.

Strudel: There's no such thing (burps) Ew correction i have bacon belly.

Ace: Dogs oh dogs go find a nice car to chase will you we got a cat mission to get back to (go back inside and leave them behind)

Twinklebell: Hey cats and kittens who's up for fish heads?

Fluffy: This Lilly the kitten will be helping out tommorow the guys from shelter 25 just dropped her off.


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When Strudel eats bacon just like from Kid vs. Kat episode Fat Kat they both eat bacon but she was little obese than Kat.

Lilly has the same voice as Theodore from Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Ace's eyes appear in the dark the same as Cherse Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

When Mr.Nutnut fixes everything same as Bob the Builder

Second time Niblet eats sloppy from The Yipper Caper

Pound Puppies are going to take over the Kennel Kittens same as Star Wars IIIV by defeating Darth Vader.

Yabba started chasing a cat same as Tom and Jerry cartoons.


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