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|Episode Name = Good Dog, Mcleish! |Image = Piper looking at a photo |File = A Photo Dog is here! |Season 2 |Airdate = July 7th 2012 |Previous = There's Something About Camella |Next = The Ruff Ruff Bunch |Written by = Evan Gore

Ooh i can't wait to meet her.


Good Dog, Mcleish! is the sixth episode of Pound Puppies Season 2


This episode starts with a puppy named Piper playing with a doll then Lucky and Cookie are watching her play and thinking she is so cute on the planet then she was running and talking about a human (who really is a boy or a girl?) then Mcleish comes out in stress then throws the letters in the trash she told her to ignore him then Niblet,Squirt and Strudel comes in and has a photo that says Willy Gleason on it then she was so excited to meet him then he tell her he is not coming to Shelter 17 that he lives far far away from his house called the Walky because it's outside of network. So Lucky needs to figure it out then she thinks about pet delivery service one of them are arriving right now then Piper started running that her owner is going to be here so she rans to her and started barking then Mcleish comes in with a yappy puppy problems then they have problems that he does not like them. Then Lucky wasn't mad then Olaf comes out dressed as a sultan who is (or stagenamed Olaf the Amazing) or maybe calls him Olaf the Odd and scold him to wash the dogs because it smelled like dogs but he can't because he got a day off and even has a note but Mcleish did it with his magic hypnosis and turns a teacher into a clucking chicken then Cookie explains how dogs love to adopted convincing him as an old story. Strudel explains Olaf was the key to tire operation then cut to Olaf who is holding a Gurtrude's hand and walks with him then Lucky knows that Strudel was right that he was the key. Then cut to Strudel talking about hypnosis Mr. Nutnut hanging and a picture of Mcleish so they know hypnosis then they talked about that word and him not wanted them around then Struldel tells the squirrels to see his brain and Sparky ripping the paper revealing his brain. Then they need to hypnotize him to get to the angry thoughts out of his brain then she tells the squirrels to give the hypnotize glasses an puts it on her face then hypnotizes Sparky dancing Mr. Nutnut with mansion like music. Niblet thinks hypnotizing is so spicy and smooth then Sparky spins him around and tossed him into the air and landed and his hands and holds him up then Sparky stopped then he clobbed him in his acorn cap and walks away then he shrugs and he remembers nothing at all so they hatched a plan to get Mcleish to be a dog. Then Piper is still excited about meeting him then cut to Mcleish asleep on the job with a pink blankie then he feels it then Cookie is looking at the window the coast is clear then she does not want to get caught without traces left behind then the Operation Dreamweaver starts right now cut back to Mcleish who is still sleeping and Strudel goes down and looks at Niblet he nods yes then she hypnotized Mcleish to open his eys without waking up,greet the truck driver,sign his papers and forgets everything and turnsthen copies the same thing Strudel is saying then he repeated Strudel's rules again. Then she told him to pull her up then he said Im a dog again then she told him he was hypnotized now and the plan works perfectly then the delivery truck arrives then it was Piper's new person then they watched them but he tried to unlock the door but Mcleish didn't answer the door because she hypnotized him to a dog then he burst out the door with an underwear and his yellow socks and barks 3X and then licks him. Then Lucky explains what is wrong with Mcleish then he went back in his truck and then he started chasing and leaves him here then he ran to the pound and looks at them then it was all Strudel's fault because she hypnotized him into a dog. Mcleish was sniffing then he scratches his hair then Strudel explains that she and Niblet were hypnotizing him to a dog then he started howling then they start bickering that he was a dog then they started laughing except Lucky then they went to grab the doggy stuf then he ran in the pound played tug of war and sprayed him with a hose then he started whimpering then he turns of the hose then he ates some kibble then he pushed him and starts eating the kibble then Mcleish pushed him and ate the kibble and make big cheeks then Lucky said for somebody for watching him then Squirt says for him and Niblet not to leave then he has a dog toy then he walks to him. Then cut to the Pound Puppies who subchanged the plan for hypnotized him to a dog but they needed for Piper to get to her person is point her to the right direction and walk to him then cut to Mcleish who is playing tug of war with Squirt then he shaked him to hard without to get dizzy then he has the stick then he rans up to the stick then he throws it out of the gate then he whimpers and whines cut back to Strudel saying the diary truck is going to winconsin to the cheese truck then Squirt arrives what happen when he whimpers but he cames back with a stick then Niblet thinks Squirt knows dogs can talk then Mcleish starts talking then he knows all humans talk he makes a cute look again then he sniffs it and he thinks that the dogs have tunnels underground then he rips the paper and plays with the paper then Strudel says Down Boy Down! then he tells him to sit in the corner then he g drops the paper and goes in the corner with Piper then they look suprised that Piper said hello and asked her what kind of breed he is then she shares the blanket and sits cozy in the box then she calls him Little Baldy because he is baldy he likes the name then she explains they were taking her to her perfect owner then she looked at them having a conversation they match puppies and persons then he wishes he had an owner then they explained what puppies are supposed to do then cut to Lucky who is looking at the map then he scared Cookie and Strudel he asked him to find his human then he promised him after getting Piper to her owner on Walky his friend Ralphy in his childhood then Little Baldy is still happy then he said sit then he tells her to to think Mcleish is a puppy like Piper but the human minds are taken away by the dog minds then he insistes to come with them but she can't because he used his human nonscense then when they do Piper gets taken away to the Pound in Walky then Strudels tells for humans to think he is a canine then Squirt notices that the humans to think he is a human being then Little Baldy was licking Niblet then he gave him an doggy outfit so nobody can see him as a human then he explains to them to be nice to Little Baldy then he pushed him down he loved him better then him then he said Go Dogs Go then the map where the cheese truck is moving and the clock is moving then the dogs sleeps and Mcleish is not then Piper wakes up and she is super excited to meet her boy and Mcleish bets it will be great then he thinks she is funny that he hardly know her and the other dogs in their pound the dogs hate him then Lucky wakes up too then he had friends because he is an alone dog then he will find a human someday that will be very nice then she went back to sleep then she likes it then he went back to sleep the next morning he and Piper to go for a walk then he planned the Walky pound then they hatched a plan to get Piper to her person then he explained walking together is public is the Walky pound is filled with dogcatchers like Ketchem then they looked at them deluded. Then Squirt told him what a dogcatcher look for then he tell a story about Ralphy lived in the streets when he grew up and become a dog catcher then he ran the dogs looked at each other he likes the version of Mcleish as a dog. Then cut to the dog pound at Walky where Ralphy is sleeping on the job then he giggles instead of waking up then he kicked Cookie in the bush then she fell down and he explains what kind of human being who is asleep on the job and then bites her ear like a puppy then he lets go and he was just playing but he was waiting to get Piper her perfect person then Lucky asks Squirt to ruzzle on then he refused to do that then he tells Little Baldy to the park and Piper follows them then Lucky goes over to the rest of the plan to get her to her person and a bag of dog biscuits as a treat then Cookie is behind a wall then Strudel has the headphones then Piper and Little Baldy are playing tug of war and Squirt and Niblet was watching them then he popped out of the mailbox then Willy was not here but there was a bus rather than the minivan then he tickled him then Squirt looks bored then he throws the ball and he fetched it then his mother was with him and then he looked suprised that Little Baldy was a dog and dropped the ball then he looked a dog then they went back at the bus and the Bus Driver scolds at him then he looks sad and the plan failed but he was worried that the plan was worried by Little Baldy then the bus took off and he looks upset then he chased the bus then Ralphy woke up and heard Little Baldy chasing a bus and he started chasing him and Strudel said it what happen then she got mad it was her owner then she telled for Little Baldy to come back then he chased him all the way to the city then he told him to stop running then he started running again then they ran then cut to the pound where we see Piper sad then he called him Big Nibbly Nibletthen he caught and taken away then he ran over a guy in the sandwitch costume then they startled a woman and a baby and started crying and runned into a constuction worker and he was crying then Niblet stopped him then he told Squirt was kidnapped then they were going to save him then cut to Willy and his mother talking to him that dog is a human being then he saw Squirt scared he looked at him then he jumped on him and very google eyed then she went to the telephone cords and his telephone rang then Piper climbed onto him he ran then he explained that person is not his owner it's Piper's person then he really can then he gives him a dog tag he is a real pound puppy then she was there and then he picked her up and Niblet is digging. Then Lucky and Little Baldy was suprised then he snatched her he tried to reached her then he was mean and he ranned over then he bited him then he shaked the ripped pants then it was Mcleish then he was a human he stands up then he explained they were after him while he was asleep on the job too much then he calls him Nice Weirdo and she went home with him then they were back at the pound safe and sound then he ran at them then he stared at him then he thinks he is a mutt then he went back to his relaxation then she could really hypnotize him again then he thinks it's not okay to bother adults who is asleep on the job then he needs help to put away the kibble away but he eats it then he closed then door but it is not much after all.



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Rolie Polie Olie Strudel's hypno glasses are the same color scheme as Polie's glasses.

Finding Nemo Lucky's plan is for Piper to get to her perfect person similiar to Gill's plan is for Nemo to get back to the ocean.

Looney Toons Baldy's running is same as Roadrunner's running.

The Simpsons Mcleish was acting like a dog similiar to Homer Simpson when he was trying to cheer their dog.