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Fluffy (voiced by Yvette Nicole Brown) is the group's second in command. She is tough but sweet at heart, like Cookie. She is a Ragamuffin. In "Kennel Kittens Return", they trick the Pound Puppies out of a new piece of tech by distracting them with a "peace offering" of a mountain of steaks. In retaliation, the Pound Puppies send in a disguised Squirt to infiltrate them. "Twinklebell" earns the trust of the Kennel Kittens, particularly Fluffy, but is unmasked by Squeak. Squirt, having developed genuine feelings of friendship toward the cats, warns them that they are about to walk into a trap, but they refuse to listen, and detain him. The Kennel Kittens indeed walk into an ambush from the Pound Puppies, but Squirt, having freed himself, manages to talk the two sides down. The Kennel Kittens admit that they really needed the device, but thought they would be refused if they simply asked. Lucky agrees to let the Kennel Kittens borrow the device, and the two groups part ways peaceably. As they leave, Fluffy asks Squirt if he would like to share a saucer of milk with her sometime. Squirt replies in the positive, even suggesting they throw in some fish heads. They say "Once a Kennel Kitten, always a Kennel Kitten."