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(This episode begins inside the headquarters where Cookie,Strudel,Niblet and Squirt are sleeping then they wake up)

Cookie: Strudel i got a hand it to you.
Squirt: Talk about a stream blind operation come on 20 pup adoptions 10 minutes.
Niblet: It's a compact disc!
Squirt: Yeah it's a record Niblet a record.
Strudel: Well i can take all of the credit i mean sure my easy wash,easy dry puppy plans is so brilliant.
Cookie: But.
Strudel: Oh yes but it would never suceed without all the hard work and deadication of anyone of you.
Lucky: I totally agree great job gang you have learn a long day of rest and relaxation.
Squirt: That's what im talking about.
Strudel: Welcome news
Cookie: Woo Hoo!
Niblet: Im going to take the giant hole like thouged in there

(then the dogs stared at him )

Lucky: Sounds nice Nibs i'll might just join you

(Sparky arrived that he got a call from General Dolly)

Strudel: He said you have a call from the headquarters Lucky.
Lucky: All right.